Did you know that dermaplaning feels good?

Q: Does Dermaplaning hurt?
A: No…actually dermaplaning feels good! It’s a relaxing experience that soothes the skin.

Q: Will the hair grow back thicker?
A: No… It’s a common misconception that hair will grow in darker and coarser from shaving. Yet, shaving does nothing to increase the density or the quality of the hair.

Q: Can I apply makeup right after the service?
A: Yes…our new process is much more gentle and will allow you to immediately apply makeup and get on with your busy day.

Q: Is this process safe for nursing or expectant mothers?
A: Yes…unlike other types of skin exfoliation that may use chemicals absorbed by your skin, our demaplane treatment is chemical free.

Q: Does this process make my pores look smaller?
A: Yes…by removing the outermost layer of skin the pore is reduced in circumference making it less noticeable.

Q: Is Dermaplaning safe if I have moles or other skin lesions?
A: There are some contraindications and consultations are recommended.

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