Fun Facts

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and even Cleopatra have all shaved their faces! Throughout history beautiful women from around the globe have been utilizing dermaplaning…

It’s a common misconception that hair will grow in darker and coarser from shaving. Yet, shaving does nothing to increase the density or the quality of the hair. With vellus hairs, you can’t do anything to change them. By nature they’re soft and fine and shaving them won’t make them thicker or coarser. Phew!

Makeup Looks Flawless! Because dermaplaning creates a smoother skin surface and removes the peach fuzz that can interfere with makeup application, cosmetics glide on beautifully to create the seamless and poreless look of a magazine cover.

Visibly Shrinks Pores! What we think of as pores are really hair follicles, and if you look at them closely, you’ll see they’re shaped like little funnels. With dermaplaning the top rim of the funnel is removed, reducing its size and making it less noticeable. By making these tiny dimple-like indentations smaller, the normal sebaceous filaments that often appear on the nose and cheeks also become less obvious.

The Perfect Complement to Other Skin Therapies! You can’t pour water into a cup with a lid on it and you can’t get moisture to skin that’s parched when its outermost cells are dry and tough. Dermaplaning removes that barrier to let your skin drink in moisturizing serums and anti-aging creams more efficiently. Using it in conjunction with chemical peels lets products penetrate more effectively and gives you better results with every treatment

It’s Safe for Nursing and Expectant Mothers! Unlike other types of skin exfoliation that may use chemicals that will be absorbed by your skin, a dermaplane treatment offers a beautiful exfoliation that is chemical free.

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