The Service

10 years younger…in 10 minutes…for $39.99…sound good to you?

At Dermaplane Diva™ we now offer the perfect fusion of beauty, ease and expertise through a unique twist on an age-old tradition that will have you see immediate results in 10 minutes!

Your skin’s outermost layers aren’t doing your complexion any favors. Skin cells on the surface flatten and dry like tiny scales, dulling your otherwise radiant complexion and making darker skin tones ashy.

Enter the Dermaplane treatment. Think of it as the next step beyond exfoliation. It removes those extra layers to reveal smoother skin and evens out irregularities such as superficial acne scarring and fine lines. Dermaplaning is ideal for dealing with surface unevenness which is hard to conceal with makeup because these tiny surface imperfections reflect light irregularly. A Dermaplane treatment removes the upper most layers for the purpose of beautification and with repeated treatments skin becomes smoother.

Unlike standard Dermaplane treatments that can take up to 45 minutes and require a long recovery time, we have now formulated a new procedure that takes only a few minutes and allows you to immediately apply your makeup and head out to events, date night and life in general.

Beauty…Ease…and Expertise…Welcome to Dermaplane Diva!

*Not recommended for all skin types or children under the age of 18. Results my vary. Phone consultations recommended and by appointment only.

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